Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rescued Squirrel - Rusty is His Name

Rusty the Squirrel
This week I heard that their was a baby squirrel that was rescued after being abandoned by its mother.  This happens fairly often on Amish farms.

The squirrel was named Rusty and will be raised until old enough to return to the wild.  It is not recommended to capture or raise wild animals unless you are a skilled animal rescue practitioner. We are fortunate to have many such skilled rescuers in our community.

I love to see these little critters. This is just one more reason I like living in Jamesport.

Update 10/18/2012 ... Saw Rusty today. He is getting regular visits outdoors and spends hours in a large tree near the H&M Country Store. He will probably begin living totally free very soon.