Friday, March 27, 2015

May Days Festival

I made a new promotional video for the upcoming May Days Festival on May 8th & 9th. It is a great time to visit Jamesport. This year promises to be better than ever. Several stores are expanding, including Sherwood Crossing, Jamesport Sales and Surplus, and The Farmhouse Collection.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amish Homemade Noodles

I recently visited the John and Marie Detweiler farm in Jamesport, Missouri. Johm and Marie make homemade noodles that are sold in the local stores. This is a video that shows how the noodles are made.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

13th Annual Jamesport Amish Quilt Auction

Gail Ledesma, Verna Graber and Joe Burkholder getting ready
The annual Amish Quilt Auction is going on today in Jamesport, Missouri. We have been busy the last few days getting ready for the quilt show and auction.

The judging is over and we have many beautiful quilts for sale this year. More than 300 hand made quilts are up for auction today.

There were too many quilts to show here, but I did get a picture of the Best of Show ....

Best of Show
 The judges were overwhelmed this year. They all  complained that there were too many beautiful quilts. It was tough to pick a winner. This is a good problem to have. The word is that the large number of quilts being auctioned (a record number this year) will mean lower prices. My wife is looking to bid on a quilt she likes. I hope that prices are good!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Hay Harvest

Fall is here and the last cutting of hay is being raked. This is a common scene about the Amish countryside. This photo is of a 15 year old Amish girl driving a 4-horse team pulling a double rake.

I was told that she enjoys doing field work with the horses. I watched her work for a while yesterday and noticed how relaxed she was.

This was just another beautiful day around Jamesport!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amish Home Tour

Amish Kitchen
I have been taking tour groups to the Graber Farm this year for an inside peek at the Amish life style. The tour only includes a walk through the downstairs are where the Grabers do summer cooking, canning, and daily laundry.

Some of the folks who took the farm tour were cusious about the upstairs portion of the house, so I asked permission to take some photos. I was able to take quite a few pictures. Here are a few

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amish Hospitality

Free Amish Carriage Rides
Jamesport, Missouri celebrates Heritage Days every year at this time. One of the Amish attractions in the area is Shearwood Crossing.

At Shearwood, they are having customer appreciation days to coincide with the Jamesport Heritage Festival. They are giving free carriage rides, and miniature train rides all day.

Amish ladies are serving food and dessert, as well as home made ice cream.

Train Rides at Shearwood Crossing
The turnout this year is exceeding expectations. The interest in all things Amish seems to be on the increase. I have noticed that a large number of tourists from the St Louis area are coming to Jamesport. Many of the tourists share that they have seem stories about Amish on the TV. This might account for the current uptick in Amish tourism.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Amish Open House

Amish Open House Draws Community Together
Several times a year businesses around Jamesport will have a customer appreciation day or open house. This past weekend we had several Amish businesses running sales, offering raffles to give away merchandise and gift certificates, and serving  free coffee, donuts, and home-made ice cream to all visitors to their stores.

Last week I was at Countryside Bakery and noticed that they were preparing to make two thousand donuts for the open house events around town. They were bringing in extra help to get the job done. During the open house I had an opportunity to try a few of the donuts and can absolutely state that the Amish ladies made up a great batch of donuts! The weather has been cooler and the dough has been rising perfectly. The donuts were big and fluffy.

The stores having open house included: Jamesport Sales and Surplus, Jamesport Country Store, Jamesport Truss, Jamesport Lumber, and Jamesport Builders. These Jamesport Amish businesses are a vital part of our community and remind us all here in Jamesport that "hospitality is a way of life".

5 Gallon Ice Cream Makers.
You cannot have a local Amish event without home-made ice cream. Jamesport Sales and Surplus had two 5 gallon ice cream makers going  on their front porch. You cannot beat their ice cream! I cannot get enough of this stuff.

This coming weekend is the Heritage Festival. There will be more ice-cream, more open houses, free buggy rides, and more free coffee and doughnuts. Heritage Days is one of the best festivals of the year. We step back in time to celebrate the old crafts. Demonstrations will take place all during the festival. Music, crafts, dancing, and shopping will highlight festival activities. We are looking forward to record crowds at this years festival.