Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Get over it America!

I have seen enough racial bigotry and injustice to make anyone sick. I am 72 years old, and in my lifetime blacks were not allowed to fight alongside whites in WWII. Blacks were not allowed to play pro basketball, football, or baseball with white Americans. Blacks were not allowed to eat in the same restaurants, shit in the same toilets, go to the same churches, attend the same schools as white Americans. Blacks were still being lynched in the 60’s.

Blacks fought and died for our flag since the time they were liberated from slavery. Blacks have been on a journey seeking racial equality for 150 years. If I was black I would probably hate all white people because of the cruelty we showed toward them. But you know what? The black people I have met have been loving, forgiving, gracious as a people.
I have heard every kind of stupid white explaination denying that they are racist … remember separate but equal? When whites said they were not racist because they wanted blacks to have separate but equal schools? They weren’t racist, they just didn’t want their kids to go to school with those “other” people. Same bullshit today. White nationalists aren’t racist, they only want a part of the country separate from blacks so they can enjoy their white culture! BULLSHIT. That is the essence of racism.
Now that some black athletes peacefully protest toward achieving the goal of racial equality, the same stupid white people wrap themselves in the American flag to cover their obvious inability to acknowledge the black struggle for equality in the United States. And yes, black people also fought and died for our flag, so cut the crap about blacks disrespecting soldiers like me who fought alongside them in Vietnam.
Let me remind you all that I watched a white police officer draw a gun and shoot a black man in the back as he posed no threat and ran away from the officer because of a routine traffic stop. So, do blacks suffer racial injustice in America, You’re damned right they do!
As much as it pains me to know that white people spit on Jackie Robinson when he was the first black in pro baseball, I am also proud that more and more white Americans understand this injustice and have fought alongside blacks to end racism and bigotry in all parts of American life.
The black journey for racial justice is a long and cruel road for those who are forced to travel it. Nothing about race relations pisses me off more than seeing white people jeering and taunting blacks seeking justice, while they hide behind our flag as justification.
It ain’t about our flag, it is about equal justice.
Black people have enough going against them as it is, quit throwing rocks at them because it gauls you to see them protest peacefully in public view. They have the right and we should encourage every American to put our racist fears behind us.
Remember, I fought for their right to protest, but so did they, because in the end, they are loyal Americans, just like you and me.

Blacks will probably not reach equality in my lifetime, but I am please that they persist. I wish you well on your journey. And as for the white people standing against you, all I can say is “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”


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