Monday, August 27, 2012

Amish First Day of School

Walnut Creek Amish School
 Today marked the first day of the Amish school year. The teachers at Walnut Creek Parochial School have been busy cleaning and preparing the school house for the arrival of the children.

I was allowed to see the classroom prior to the beginning of class. The sun had just risen and was still low on the horizon when I arrived. It had rained just yesterday and the grass was still wet and the air was fresh and filled with the promise of blue skies and fair weather.

One Room School House
There were three Amish ladies there preparing to teach the class. There were two regular teachers and one special education teacher. They said that the kids are always excited on the first day and everyone was happy that the day had finally arrived.

I have been planning this visit since the end of the last school season, but as usual, I procrastinated throughout the Summer and did not actually visit until this morning .... just 2 hours before class began!

The blackboard was already prepared with today's assignments and the teachers were getting the name tags prepared for the children to complete. The walls were covered with familiar sights and a few unfamiliar ones as well. There were two alphabets on display, both English and German. The teachers explained that Friday was German. The children read, write, and sing in German on Friday.

Wood stove provides winter heat.

The school library is at the rear of the classroom and the mudroom is large enough for all the students to hang their coats and store their belongings. There is a wash sink there, but the rest rooms are still outdoors.

The school yard is very large and has play swings, a slide, basketball hoop, and of course, a baseball diamond. Outdoor activity is popular among the Amish.

Teacher's Desk
There is no electricity in the classroom. Light is provided by propane lantern and large windows and both sides of the room.

I enjoyed my visit this morning. There was a warm feeling about the classroom, and I had a sense that the children were fortunate to have such a nice atmosphere to grow and learn with friends who will last a lifetime.


  1. Great pics! It's fun to see the insides of the school house because we only get to see the outside (and whatever we can see through the windows). Thanks for sharing ~ Beth Russo