Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amish Kittens Adopted

Relaxing at H&M Country Store
I was acting as tour guide on Saturday and stopped at the H&M Country Store for my last stop of the day. I was relaxing in a porch chair in front of the store and witnessed an amusing drama that took place over the adoption of a kitten.

There were two families with children looking at the cute kittens for adoption on the porch of the store. One of the mothers ducked into the store to avoid the pleading of her daughter, who obviously had fallen in love with the kittens. Poor dad was left to deal with the pleading kids.

Kittens for Adoption
The other family agreed on adopting a kitten and their child was overjoyed when she was allowed to choose one of the kittens to take home. That left two of the kittens left in the cage for adoption. The young girl who was still bargaining with her father was relentlessly going through the age old promise of how she would feed and care for her new pet everyday until eternity and beyond. Dad kept shaking his head .... no.
At that point I chimed in with a comment that as a grandfather, I had a vote and I voted yes for the young girl to get her cat.

The pleading continued until mom came out of the store and rejoined the discussion. The young girl immediately used the old "dad said it was OK routine" and mom was temporarily perplexed.

That's when the Amish owner came by and noticed the family group that was surrounding the kitten cage. She walked up just in time to overhear mom utter the words that would be her downfall. Although she really did not want a kitten, mom explained to the children in her most sympathetic voice that she really did want to have a kitten, but she only wanted the black and white one that had been taken by the other family just minutes before. Mom smiled, thinking she had slipped out of a tough situation and could refuse the kitten without taking responsibility for saying no.

That is when everything went sideways. The Amish owner, having heard mom's excuse, stepped in and happily announced that everyone could be happy because she had more kittens hidden in a cool storage shed and immediately walked over to the shed and produced a black and white kitten! The kids were jumping with joy and you could tell by mom's slow head shake that she was defeated.

I almost laughed out loud when the kids sealed their victory and snatched up the black and white kitten. I know this battle will go on again and again as long as there are kittens and children. It was nice to see the kids win this one with the help of a quick thinking Amish woman.