Saturday, August 18, 2012

Amish Phone Booth

Amish Phone Booth with Solar Panel

Leave a message

Most tourists visiting Jamesport ask about the little buildings scattered throughout the countryside. They look for the most part like out houses. They are actually Amish phone booths.

The Amish here will not allow phones in their homes, but will allow the use of phones as long as they are away from the house and cannot be heard. The idea is that a phone in the house would detract from family quality time. The Amish do "not" answer phones. If you want to reach an Amish friend, you have to leave a message on their answering machine. They will call you back

Inside of Amish Phone Booth
This is another example of how the Amish have adapted to modern devices. In the photo above, there is even a solar panel to charge the batteries in the phone booth.

The inside of the phone booths appear to be small offices where Amish check messages and make business calls.


  1. Love it - I remember seeing that when we were there. I miss Jamesport!

  2. The Amish are very interesting in this day and age! Jamesport also so has a number of English businesses like Balcony House Antiques, The Gas Buggy Antiques, Warren House Antiques, Downhome Gifts, The Farmhouse, Jamesport Mercantile, Grandpa Freds and others. We are booming, come and see us!!!!

  3. I plan do write some stories about antique shops in the future. Thanks for the comments.