Saturday, November 5, 2011

Amish Country Stores

One of the benefits of living in Jamesport, Missouri is the abundance of Amish Country Stores. One of the favorite tourist attractions is the H and M Country Store. Located just a mile south of town on State Hwy 190, it is easy to find and has a large parking area.
I first started going there when I could not find certain spices at the local grocers. H and M specializes in bulk spices and baking supplies. When all else fails, I head on over to the country store to find my spices.
The store has expanded in recent years and added some large skylights to brighten up the store. Amish of course do not use electricity, so gas lamps are the primary light source in the building. The skylights were a great addition.
H and M is located right next door to the Countryside Bakery and The Fabric Barn. Tourists can visit all three Amish stores at one convenient location. This is a must see place for any tourist.