Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Arbor House

Turkey Day at Last! I am the designated cook on Thanksgiving. When Grandson Noah lived nearby in Chillicothe, Missouri, he used to come by the Arbor House to help me cook. He was always a hit with the guests. This year I will miss him and the other grandchildren because they live in California and Florida.
I still enjoy cooking and plan to cook a lot this weekend. We are having a dinner party at the Arbor House and I will be cooking all Mexican Food. I will probably make turkey enchiladas with Thanksgiving leftovers.
The Arbor House will be shutting down for the Winter, so this will be our last party with our local friends. After this month we will be packing up and heading out for California for a couple of months. We are looking forward to returning to the spring and expanding the Arbor House with three more units. Plan to visit us in 2012. It promises to be a good year!