Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arbor House Construction

We were hoping for good weather today because we are pouring concrete on our expansion project. Meno Graber and Paul Yutzy (right to left) are the  two Amish men working on the concrete. The temperature is about 34 degrees, but it should get up to a toasty 47 degrees by 2 PM. We are adding 2 rooms and a living quarters to the old restaurant building.
We should have the new addition framed and weather tight within a week at the most. We plan to finish the project in the Spring.
Follow our progress as we work to get our new rooms completed and open for the next season.
Framing Begins
Gail and I will be living in the new quarters and renting out the Arbor House as a cottage. We are calling it Grandma's House! It is also getting a face lift and will have 4 bedrooms and sleep 8 comfortably. We hope to get more family business next year with the cottage open. We get a large number of Mormon families traveling through Jamesport and they usually travel in large family groups. Hoping for a great 2012 season. Come visit us if you are in the neighborhood.
Framing: Framing began Friday on the new room additions at the Arbor House. Paul Yutzy is busy, but he won't get the building closed in until Tuesday. Of course, we are scheduled for a big rain storm on Saturday.
The temperature has been below freezing for the past week, but framing has progressed at a fast pace. As of 12/10/2011 the roof is up and the structure is covered.