Saturday, October 1, 2011

Barn Cats

You can't live in the country without finding kittens. I found one near dead in the middle of the road a few days ago. His eyes were stuck shut and he was too weak and dehydrated to move. After a trip to the vet and $60 dollars later we have a rescued kitten living on the sun porch. In two weeks he should be well and then back to the vet for neutering ... sorry kitty.
The first question grandkids ask when they come to visit is ... Do you have any kittens? You just can't have enough kittens.
Sidney Update: Sidney was rescued about 5 weeks ago and is now a healthy little kitty. He has recovered from worms, respiratory illness and an ulcer in his eye. He has had all his shots and seems to be a normal house kitten now. He is however missing a few parts. Sidney lost his male reproductive organs! Sidney is officially neutered and available for adoption.
Sydney is currently living at the Arbor House, awaiting adoption.

Final Chapter: I am happy to report that Sidney has found a good home. We took him to H&M Country Store in Jamesport with a sign explaining that he needed a good home. Within 20 minutes he was adopted by a man from Kansas City.  We will miss Sidney around the Arbor House, but we are happy that he has a permanent home.

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