Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grand Children Summer Visit

Lucy,Cara, and Loretta chase chickens
 Once again we are blessed with a visit from some of our grand children. Lucy and Noah Ledesma are here from Yulee, Florida. They will stay for 3 weeks this year. We are already going on adventures. Yesterday we went out to the Homestead Creamery to watch the cheese making process. Lucy spent some of her time playing with Loretta and Cara Flory. I caught them terrorizing the chickens in the hen house. The girls thought it would be great fun to chase the chickens with sticks and make them all run into the hen house. It was chaos.
Noah watches cheese making.
Noah spent most of the time in the creamery watching the older Flory girls making cheddar cheese. They make cheese every Tuesday. Both of the kids enjoyed our trip to the dairy and Lucy has new friends to visit. The Flory family has 8 girls and 2 boys. Noah had no one to play with except for the girls. We plan to go back to the dairy at 5PM to see the milking.