Monday, June 4, 2012

Amish Saw Mill Tour

Horses pulling wagon load of  scrap.
 I had a small tour group from North Carolina today. One of the tourists was a woodworker and asked if we could stop at a saw mill. There are a few Amish saw mills in the area, so we stopped in at the Troyer Saw Mill. They cut logs into pallet wood which is then sent over to an Amish pallet manufacturing shop.
The interesting thing about the mill is that they use draft horses to do all the heavy lifting.
Tourists watching saw mill operation.
This was the first time a tourist asked to see a saw mill. It worked out pretty well. It was noisy, but everyone seemed to think it was fun. I checked with the owner before we went into the mill. I would not suggest going without getting permission. They are not really setup for tourists, but since we were there I dis get some good photos.