Monday, September 10, 2012

Breaking Amish TV Series

Breaking Amish TV cast.
I watched the first episode of the new reality show "Breaking Amish" I have mixed feelings about it, since it deals with very sensitive personal issues, in a very public way.

The situations portrayed on the show are being played out as a result of larger family tragedies. It may be enlightening, but my heart goes out to the families that have to face these decisions with a camera crew looking on.

The Amish here in Jamesport, Mo take a much more reasonable approach to their children who go modern. They are accepted back to visit and Amish families here accept and cherish their non-Amish grandchildren. It seems to me that the Amish here cling to love and understanding of their children, and do not shun their children for fear of damnation. I personally do not believe any God would want parents to reject their children .... in the name of their God. On the other side of the equation, these kids need to grow up and be realistic about leaving home. Even non-Amish families have to deal with this issue. It remains to be seen if these kids are leaving home for the right reasons. Bottom line ... This is like watching a train wreck, and I hope no one gets hurt too bad!