Monday, September 17, 2012

Amish Open House

Amish Open House Draws Community Together
Several times a year businesses around Jamesport will have a customer appreciation day or open house. This past weekend we had several Amish businesses running sales, offering raffles to give away merchandise and gift certificates, and serving  free coffee, donuts, and home-made ice cream to all visitors to their stores.

Last week I was at Countryside Bakery and noticed that they were preparing to make two thousand donuts for the open house events around town. They were bringing in extra help to get the job done. During the open house I had an opportunity to try a few of the donuts and can absolutely state that the Amish ladies made up a great batch of donuts! The weather has been cooler and the dough has been rising perfectly. The donuts were big and fluffy.

The stores having open house included: Jamesport Sales and Surplus, Jamesport Country Store, Jamesport Truss, Jamesport Lumber, and Jamesport Builders. These Jamesport Amish businesses are a vital part of our community and remind us all here in Jamesport that "hospitality is a way of life".

5 Gallon Ice Cream Makers.
You cannot have a local Amish event without home-made ice cream. Jamesport Sales and Surplus had two 5 gallon ice cream makers going  on their front porch. You cannot beat their ice cream! I cannot get enough of this stuff.

This coming weekend is the Heritage Festival. There will be more ice-cream, more open houses, free buggy rides, and more free coffee and doughnuts. Heritage Days is one of the best festivals of the year. We step back in time to celebrate the old crafts. Demonstrations will take place all during the festival. Music, crafts, dancing, and shopping will highlight festival activities. We are looking forward to record crowds at this years festival.


  1. Countryside Bakery rocks! Every time I go to Jamesport I have to stop there and get goodies to bring back home for myself and my friends.
    They make up a special order of cinnamon rolls for me with raisins in them. Yummy!