Sunday, April 8, 2012

Straw Hats are Back

My New Straw Hat
I am a hat person. So, naturally, I am always looking for my next hat purchase. I lost my favorite straw hat last year while vacationing on Lake Havasu. I have been patiently waiting for Spring to come so I could get a replacement. I tried looking for a new one over the Winter, but our local Amish country store only stocks hats in the Spring and Summer months. Finally the new selection of straw hats came in a few weeks back and I was able to buy the hat I have been seeking.
The reason straw hats are significant is that it is the most common type of hat found in the Amish community during the summer months. It is as much a part of the local culture as the cowboy hat in Texas. Just another benefit of living in a community of Amish ... great selection of straw hats!