Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nature's Springtime Blush

Some trees are fairly plain for most of the year, but at one point or another during the seasons they usually put on a show of color that delights us all. The Eastern Red Bud is one of those trees that turns spectacular in the early spring. When most other trees are budding in various shades of green, the Red Bud puts on a bright rose colored blush that catches the eye. I caught these three trees at the post office this morning.
I have never seen a forest of Red Bud trees, they seem to be more like loners in the tree world. I usually see them scattered sparsely among the other forest trees.
As you can guess from the name ... the springtime color of the tree comes from the profusion of red buds. The buds don't last too long, but while they last ... they are spectacular. One of life's simple pleasures.