Friday, May 11, 2012

Snow at the May Days Festival?

Fire Department Benefit Lunch
No matter how long you live here it always seems to come as a surprise when the Cottonwood trees begin to caste their seeds to the wind. Our May Days Festival starts today and for just a moment when I looked out my window I thought the festival would be held on a snow day.

As it turns out, we have three huge Cottonwood trees in our yard and they began to go to seed. Now is when you understand why they are called cottonwood. They look like they are shedding cotton balls. Until the trees are done seeding, we will have to put up with the large accumulations of fluffy white residue everywhere. The snow was a false alarm. It was only the annual cottonwood flowering.

The weather today is just beautiful and there was a benefit lunch taking place at the Jamesport Rural Fire Department. They are getting close to their goal to raise enough funds to build a new fire house.